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Shows 1 - 14 from 14 products
Big Bag 90x90x110cm | uncoated | with skirtBig Bag 90x90x110cm | uncoated | with skirt
Big Bag 90x90x110cm | coated | with skirtBig Bag 90x90x110cm | coated | with skirt
Big Bag 90x90x110cm | uncoated | without skirtBig Bag 90x90x110cm | uncoated | without skirt
Big Bag 90x90x110cm | uncoated | without skirtBig Bag 90x90x110cm | uncoated | without skirt
Big Bag 70x70x90cm | coated | with skirtBig Bag 70x70x90cm | coated | with skirt
Big Bag 60x60x60cm | uncoated |without skirtBig Bag 60x60x60cm | uncoated |without skirt
Big Bag 45x45x60cm | uncoated | without skirtBig Bag 45x45x60cm | uncoated | without skirt

Custom-made big bags and sacks for your individual requirements

Our custom-made big bags and sacks are the perfect solution for your individual requirements. With our comprehensive service, we offer you not only high-quality products, but also tailor-made solutions that meet your needs.

Tailor-made BigBags and KMF bags

We understand that every customer has unique requirements. That's why we offer the option of producing BigBags and KMF sacks according to your individual requirements. Regardless of size, shape or material - we manufacture your Big Bags and sacks exactly according to your specifications.

High-quality individual printing

Would you like to have your BigBags and KMF sacks printed with your logo or other designs? No problem! With our custom printing service, we can print your BigBags and sacks in multiple colors to perfectly match your brand.

Food bags with food certificate

For the safe transport of food, we offer special BigBags with food certification. These are ideal for transporting food such as coffee, grain, pet food and much more and meet the highest safety standards.

TRGS 519-compliant solutions

Our BigBags and KMF bags meet the criteria of TRGS 519 for handling hazardous substances. You can rely on our products to meet the highest safety standards and provide you with a safe working environment.

Our products

Contact us today to find out more about our products and individual solutions. We are happy to help you and support you in selecting the right BigBags, KMF bags and other occupational safety products for your company.

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