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Nitrile Gloves in Various Colors: Choose from our range of blue, black and white nitrile gloves. Our gloves are latex-free, powder-free and offer a smooth surface and micro-textured fingertips for maximum tactile sensitivity. Premium Nitrile Gloves: For more demanding tasks we offer our Premium Nitrile Gloves. They are particularly robust and available in a variety of colors to suit your specific needs. Chemical Protection Nitrile Glove: Designed specifically for handling chemicals and microorganisms, these gloves provide additional protection and meet the highest safety standards.

Quality you can rely on

Our products meet the highest quality standards, as evidenced by certifications such as: ● AQL 1.5 ● CE 2777 ● ISO 374-1:2016 ● ISO 374-5:2016 ● MD CLASS I ● PSA CAT. III is confirmed. We guarantee that our gloves are safe, reliable and food grade.

areas of application

Nitrile gloves in medicine

Nitrile examination gloves are indispensable in medical facilities. They offer reliable protection against a wide range of chemicals, potential infections and contamination. Their robustness and elasticity make them the first choice for doctors, nurses and medical staff who require a high level of precision and protection.

Nitrile gloves in dentistry

Nitrile gloves are particularly valued in dentistry due to their high resistance to punctures and their allergy-free nature. They offer optimal protection for both staff and patients and are a safe alternative for people with latex allergies.

Nitrile gloves in geriatric and nursing care

Nitrile gloves are an essential component of hygiene measures in geriatric and nursing care. They protect caregivers and patients from cross-contamination while providing the comfort and flexibility necessary for patient care and treatment.

Blue nitrile gloves in the food industry

Blue nitrile gloves are widely used in the food industry because they are easily recognizable and have high resistance to oils and fats. Their color makes them easily identifiable, minimizing the risk of food contamination.

Disposable gloves in the catering industry

In the catering industry, disposable nitrile gloves are ideal to ensure both food safety and hygiene. They are durable enough to be worn all day long while providing adequate protection from contamination and contamination.

Disposable chemical gloves for laboratories

In laboratories where hazardous chemicals and substances are worked, disposable chemical gloves made of nitrile are essential. They offer excellent protection against chemical splashes while being robust enough to withstand mechanical stress.


A diverse range: Highest security standards: Comfort and functionality: Excellent customer service:
A wide range of sizes and colors to suit your individual requirements Our gloves meet strict quality and safety standards. Developed for maximum comfort and optimal functionality. We attach great importance to our customers' satisfaction and provide excellent customer service.


What are the advantages of nitrile gloves?

Allergy-friendly: Latex-free, suitable for people with latex allergies. Chemical Resistant: Provides protection against a wide range of chemicals and solvents. High tear resistance: Resistant to punctures and tears. Good fit: adapts to the hand and offers a good tactile feel. MULTI-PURPOSE: Suitable for medical applications, food processing, cleaning and more.

What are nitrile gloves for?

Nitrile gloves are protective gloves primarily used to protect hands from chemicals, infections, dirt and other contaminants. They are particularly popular in medical facilities, food processing, cleaning services and industry.

Which is better: nitrile or latex?

The choice between nitrile and latex gloves depends on the specific application and individual allergies. Nitrile gloves are more chemical-resistant and allergy-friendly because they are latex-free. However, latex gloves offer greater elasticity and a better tactile feel. For people with latex allergies, nitrile gloves are a better choice.

Which is better: nitrile or vitrile?

Vitrile is a lesser-known alternative to nitrile and latex. It combines properties of vinyl and nitrile gloves, but is typically not as robust as nitrile. Nitrile gloves typically offer better protection against chemicals and punctures and are therefore preferable in higher risk environments.

What kind of material is nitrile?

Nitrile is a synthetic rubber material made from acrylonitrile and butadiene. It is known for its high resistance to oils, fats and a variety of chemicals. Nitrile is also very tear-resistant and provides a good barrier against bacteria and viruses.

Where are nitrile gloves used?

Nitrile disposable gloves are used in hospitals, doctor's offices, laboratories, in food processing and preparation, in cleaning and maintenance services, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the cosmetics industry and in many other areas where hand hygiene and protection against contamination are important.

How much do nitrile gloves cost?

Prices vary depending on type and quantity. For example, the blue nitrile gloves cost €136.80 for 2000 pieces (~€0.069 / 1 piece).

How do I determine the correct size of my nitrile gloves?

Hand circumference in cm < 18 18 - 19 19 - 21 21 - 22 > 22
Glove size 6 7 8 9 10
Unisex size XS S M L XL

The size information is included in the product description, e.g. "7 / Blue / 2000 pieces".

Are nitrile gloves also available in a powdered version?

The DS Safety nitrile gloves listed are all powder-free.

What color versions are nitrile gloves available in?

DS Safety offers nitrile gloves in the colors White, Blue and Black at.

How many gloves are in a standard box of nitrile gloves?

The number varies depending on the product. For example, some boxes contain 1000 or 2000 gloves.

What type of nitrile gloves is recommended for cleaning staff?

These are for cleaning staff Robust premium nitrile gloves or the Chemical protection nitrile gloves suitable.

Which nitrile gloves are particularly suitable for people with allergies?

All nitrile gloves from DS Safety are latex-free and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.

Are nitrile gloves suitable for food contact?

Yes, the DS Safety nitrile disposable gloves are suitable for contact with food.

Which nitrile gloves are recommended for nursing?

The standard nitrile gloves are well suited for the care sector as they are latex-free and powder-free.

Can nitrile gloves be used for cleaning work?

Yes, especially those Chemical protection nitrile gloves are suitable for cleaning work.

Are nitrile gloves suitable for use in the kitchen?

Yes, as they are food safe they can be used in the kitchen.

How should nitrile gloves be properly disposed of?

Nitrile gloves should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations for plastic waste.

Is it possible to disinfect nitrile gloves?

Nitrile gloves are not intended for reuse and disinfection with disinfectant. They are designed as disposable products.

What criteria should you pay attention to when buying nitrile gloves?

Important criteria are material quality (nitrile rubber), certifications (e.g. AQL 1.5, CE, ISO), size, color and whether they are suitable for the intended use.

Which nitrile gloves are best for cleaning work?

The Chemical protection nitrile gloves are ideal for cleaning work.

Disposable glove material: latex, vinyl or nitrile gloves?

Nitrile gloves are a good choice for most applications because they are durable and allergy-friendly.

Are nitrile gloves latex free?

Yes, DS Safety nitrile gloves are latex-free.

What should be taken into account when using nitrile gloves?

Make sure the gloves fit properly and are suitable for the specific use. They should be disposed of properly after use.

Can nitrile gloves be used in the catering industry?

Yes, because they are food safe, they are suitable for the catering industry.

Are nitrile gloves used in dentistry?

Yes, nitrile gloves are also widely used in dentistry due to their safety features.

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