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Shows 1 - 17 from 17 products
EarProtect disposable earplugs | PU foam, greenEarProtect disposable earplugs | PU foam, green
EarProtect disposable earplugs | PU foam, green/yellowEarProtect disposable earplugs | PU foam, green/yellow
EarProtect disposable earplugs | PU foam, yellow/orangeEarProtect disposable earplugs | PU foam, yellow/orange
EarProtect disposable earplugs | PU foam, blue/white/greenEarProtect disposable earplugs | PU foam, blue/white/green
EarProtect Reusable Earplugs | SiliconeEarProtect Reusable Earplugs | Silicone
EarProtect reusable earplugs | Silicone, cordEarProtect reusable earplugs | Silicone, cord
EarProtect reusable earplugs | TPEEarProtect reusable earplugs | TPE
EarProtect reusable earplugs | TPE, cordEarProtect reusable earplugs | TPE, cord
EarProtect reusable earmuffsEarProtect reusable earmuffs
EarProtect earmuffsEarProtect earmuffs
DS Safety EarProtect earmuffs
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EarProtect earmuffs | plasticEarProtect earmuffs | plastic
EarProtect earplug refill bag
EarProtect earplug case
EarProtect Disposable Earplug Dispenser

Hearing protection "EarProtect" at dssafetywear.de

Welcome to dssafetywear.de, your reliable partner for high-quality hearing protection. In our wide range of products you will find everything you need to effectively protect your hearing, whether at work, in noisy environments or at leisure.

Our range includes:

  • Disposable earplugs: Our disposable earplugs offer a practical solution for short-term hearing protection. They are easy to use, hygienic and still offer excellent protection against noise and harmful sounds.
  • Reusable earplugs: For a sustainable and cost-effective option, we recommend our reusable earplugs. These are durable, reusable and offer a comfortable fit thanks to their ergonomic design and high-quality materials.
  • Headband hearing protection: Our headband hearing protection products combine comfort with effectiveness. They are ideal for situations where quick putting on and taking off is required, while still providing reliable protection from harmful noise.
  • Earmuffs: For comprehensive protection in particularly loud environments, we recommend our earmuffs. With a robust construction and excellent attenuation, they offer maximum protection for your ears.

Our range of hearing protection from EarProtect stands for quality, comfort and reliability. Whether you work in industry, on construction sites, at concerts or doing DIY - with our products you can protect your hearing effectively and at the same time ensure a comfortable wearing experience.

Discover our extensive range of hearing protection products at dssafetywear.de today and invest in the health of your ears. If you have any questions, we are always happy to help.

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