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Legal requirements and standards

According to the EU directives for personal protective equipment Chemical protection gloves meet specific standards. The en 374 sets the standards for protection against chemicals and microorganisms. It is used between disposable gloves for light chemicals, such as Household gloves and full chemical protection gloves differentiated. What is crucial here is the permeation level, which indicates how how long a glove can withstand a particular chemical.

Materials and properties of chemical protection gloves

  • Butyl: Offers excellent flexibility and is special resistant to aldehydes, ketones and strong acids.
  • Nitrile: Provides excellent resistance to oils and some chemical substances, characterized by high mechanical Strength, but is not resistant to all solvents.
  • Latex: Obtained from the milk of the rubber tree Latex gloves have elasticity and comfort, but are not for All chemicals are suitable and can cause allergies.
  • Neoprene: Known for its flexibility and resistance to a wide range of chemicals, although with restrictions the mechanical strength.
  • PVC/Vinyl: Resistant to many acids and alkalis, however less tear-resistant than other materials.
  • Areas of application of chemical protection gloves

    The areas of application of our chemical protection gloves are diverse and cover a wide range of industries and activities. They are indispensable in the chemical industry, where employees... Employees regularly interact with dangerous substances such as acids, alkalis and come into contact with solvents. Also in the pharmaceutical industry, in the laboratory sector and in the Medicine they are of great importance to the staff To protect against contamination and chemical risks. In agriculture they offer protection when handling pesticides and fertilizers. Also for cleaning and maintenance work Aggressive cleaning agents are often used indispensable. In addition, our chemical protection gloves are in the food industry, in the printing and paint industry and in many used in other areas where safe handling of chemicals is required substances is required.

    Find the ideal one Chemical protection glove for your needs

    Choosing the right chemical protection glove is a must crucial step to ensure safety and efficiency in your work environment to ensure. This choice should be based on a number of criteria, including the material, thickness, length and coating of the glove. To assess the suitability of a glove for specific chemicals, are safety data sheets and the CAS numbers of the chemicals indispensable sources of information. In addition, you should always... Labels and operating instructions for chemical gloves observe. The requirements for chemical protection gloves can vary depending on Areas of application, be it in industry, in trade or in medicine area, vary. You should get assistance in choosing the right one If you need chemical protection gloves or have specific questions about ours If you have any products, our customer service will be happy to assist you at any time Disposal. We will help you find the optimal solution for your individual needs Find requirements.


    Which gloves are suitable for handling chemicals? to wear?

    EN 374 gloves are required when handling chemicals. This ensures adequate protection against chemicals and microorganisms.

    Which gloves for which chemicals?

    The choice of gloves depends on the type of chemicals. Butyl gloves, for example, offer very good protection against aggressive substances Chemicals, while nitrile gloves for a wide range of Chemicals are suitable.

    Which gloves for solvents?

    Nitrile gloves are often a good choice for handling Solvents as they have high resistance to many types of Have solvents.

    Which gloves for acid?

    When handling acids, acid-resistant gloves are required are specifically designed to protect against acids. Butyl gloves are often an excellent choice for this.

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