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Shows 1 - 14 from 14 products
Big Bag 90x90x110cm | uncoated | without skirtBig Bag 90x90x110cm | uncoated | without skirt
Big Bag 90x90x110cm | uncoated | with skirtBig Bag 90x90x110cm | uncoated | with skirt
Big Bag 45x45x60cm | uncoated | without skirtBig Bag 45x45x60cm | uncoated | without skirt
Big Bag 60x60x60cm | uncoated |without skirtBig Bag 60x60x60cm | uncoated |without skirt
Big Bag 70x70x90cm | coated | with skirtBig Bag 70x70x90cm | coated | with skirt
Big Bag 90x90x110cm | uncoated | without skirtBig Bag 90x90x110cm | uncoated | without skirt
Big Bag 90x90x110cm | coated | with skirtBig Bag 90x90x110cm | coated | with skirt

Assortment and product variants of big bags

As DS Safety Wear, we are proud to offer our customers a comprehensive and versatile range of big bags, specifically tailored to the needs of various industries.

Standard big bags:

Our universal big bags are ideal for transporting and storing a wide range of materials, including bulk materials such as sand and agricultural products. With their large load capacity and robust lifting loops, they are available in various sizes and offer a flexible solution for numerous industries.

Asbestos Big Bags:

Specially designed for the safe disposal of asbestos, our big bags meet all the necessary safety standards. They are labeled as asbestos bags and ensure environmentally friendly handling of materials containing asbestos.

Mineral wool/KMF big bags:

Our big bags are ideal for handling and disposing of mineral wool and KMF. They offer a safe solution for handling these specific materials, which are often classified as dangerous goods.

Product details and specifications

As part of our innovative own brand ProSafe®, we present DS SafetyWear, our big bags. These are produced with particular attention to constant improvement, modernization and compliance with European standards. Every product goes through a strict certification process to ensure the highest quality and safety. As a manufacturer of protective equipment, we not only offer a wide range of standardized big bags, but also support our customers in the production and certification of individually tailored protective equipment. This also includes the option of providing big bags with an external logo print in order to meet individual customer requirements. ProSafe® Big Bags are characterized by their versatility and adaptability, making them an ideal solution for a wide range of applications.


DS Safety Wear Big Bags are available either with or without a coating. A coating offers protection against moisture and dust, while uncoated big bags offer better breathability for certain contents, such as garden waste.

Warning pressure:

Some of our big bags have a warning print for dangerous contents such as mineral wool, KMF or asbestos, which ensures broad comprehensibility in different languages. There are also variants without such warnings.

Closing band and bottom:

DS Safety Wear big bags feature an apron with a practical closure strap and a closed base that provides a safe and stable base for storing and transporting materials.

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