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Shows 1 - 5 from 5 products
9935 Set Base Layer, schwarz
Top Swede 9935 Set Base Layer, schwarz
Special Price16,70 EUR
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9236 Set Base Layer 2, schwarz
Top Swede 9236 Set Base Layer 2, schwarz
Special Price24,72 EUR
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Basic Underwear, Unisex, schwarz
South West Basic underwear, unisex, black
Special Price19,09 EUR
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Whitney Underwear, Damen, schwarz
South West Whitney Underwear, women, black
Special Price34,65 EUR
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Whistler Underwear, Herren
South West Whistler Underwear, men, black
Special Price34,65 EUR
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Life Wear Bamboo – Natural. Breathable. Sustainable.

The work underwear sets from South West are made from the innovative material Life Wear Bamboo. This sustainable material not only offers ultimate comfort, but also impresses with its environmentally friendly properties. Bamboo's natural breathability ensures you feel fresh and comfortable all day long, even in demanding work environments.

For men, women and unisex – variety for every work requirement

South West work underwear sets are available in different styles for men, women and unisex to suit different needs. Whether you work in the office, on the construction site or in the field, South West has the perfect underwear for every work requirement.

Whistler Underwear – Stylish design for a professional appearance

The Whistler Underwear collection from South West combines functionality with timeless design. With clean lines and high-quality materials, we create work underwear that is not only comfortable but also extremely practical.Why choose South West?

  • Quality: Our work underwear sets are manufactured with the highest precision and from high-quality materials.
  • Comfort: Life Wear Bamboo offers unparalleled softness and breathability for long-lasting comfort.
  • Sustainability: South West is committed to sustainability and environmental protection - with Life Wear Bamboo you are choosing an environmentally friendly option.

Discover the new dimension of work underwear with South West - experience comfort, style and sustainability in one. Whistler Underwear made from Life Wear Bamboo makes your everyday work more pleasant and helps you always leave a professional impression.

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