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Shows 1 - 23 from 23 products
ProSafe®2 - HoodProSafe®2 - Hood
DS Safety ProSafe®2 - Hood
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Disposable Bouffant Cap, type "CLIP" - whiteDisposable Bouffant Cap, type "CLIP" - white
Disposable Bouffant Cap, type "CLIP" - blueDisposable Bouffant Cap, type "CLIP" - blue
Disposable Bouffant Cap, type "CLIP" - greenDisposable Bouffant Cap, type "CLIP" - green
Disposable PP fleece beret cap - white | 49cmDisposable PP fleece beret cap - white | 49cm
Disposable PP fleece beret cap - white | 54cmDisposable PP fleece beret cap - white | 54cm
Disposable PP fleece beret cap - white | 60cmDisposable PP fleece beret cap - white | 60cm
Disposable PP fleece beret cap - green | 49cmDisposable PP fleece beret cap - green | 49cm
Disposable PP fleece beret cap - green | 54cmDisposable PP fleece beret cap - green | 54cm
Disposable PP fleece beret cap - green | 60cmDisposable PP fleece beret cap - green | 60cm
 Disposable viscose cap Disposable viscose cap
DS Safety Beard cover - white
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Beard cover - blueBeard cover - blue
DS Safety Beard cover - blue
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Beard cover, extra large - whiteBeard cover, extra large - white
Beard cover, extra large - blueBeard cover, extra large - blue
CleanMax® cleanroom hood | not sterile
CleanMax® cleanroom hood | sterile
Astro-Cap - white
DS Safety Astro-Cap - white
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Frau mit Astronautenhaube
DS Safety Astro-Cap - blue
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>About surgical caps

Surgical caps come in a variety of styles, from disposable to reusable models.
  • Disposable hoods, made of skin-friendly and breathable non-woven fabric, offer a high level of hygiene as they are disposed of after use.
  • Reusable hoods, on the other hand, are made of cotton and can be used at high temperatures Washed at temperatures to meet strict hygiene standards become.
  • Some models have integrated sweatbands and elastic Straps for an optimal fit.

    Our disposable surgical cap

    Disposable beret hoods

    Type "CLIP" - in blue, green and white: These hoods are made of 100% polypropylene breathable, light and robust. With a diameter of approx. 49 cm and a practical elastic band, they offer comfort and safety.

    ProSafe®2 hood

    White: Made from microporous film laminate, this hood offers additional protection for face and neck.

    Disposable beret cap made of PP fleece

    Various sizes and colors: available in blue, white and green, in sizes 49 cm, 54cm and 60cm. These hoods are breathable, latex-free and lightweight. Prices vary depending on size and color.

    Disposable beard protection

    White and Blue: Ideal for areas that require strict hygiene, such as the dentist's office. Made from high quality polypropylene spunbond, these beard protectors are breathable and latex-free.

    Astronaut hood

    Blue and White: These hoods cover the head hair, nose and mouth and are with Equipped with a 2-layer mouth guard.

    CleanMax® cleanroom hood

    Sterile and non-sterile: liquid-repellent and resistant to that Penetration of viruses and pathogens.


    Why is wearing a hood necessary during surgery?

    Wearing a surgical cap in the operating room is for two main reasons necessary:
  • Infection prevention: Surgical caps help prevent the transmission of microorganisms and particles that can be found in hair. This is crucial to reduce the risk of infections in a sterile environment Minimize the operating room.
  • Protection of patients and staff: Protects during an operation Hood the patient from possible contamination from staff hair. At the same time, it protects medical staff from contact with potential infectious materials.
  • Are there surgical caps in different sizes?

    Most surgical caps are available in one size fits all with elastic hems to adapt to different head shapes and long hair.

    Are fabric surgical caps allowed in the operating room?

    Yes, cloth surgical hoods are permitted and commonly used, particularly in areas where they can be washed regularly.

    How are fabric surgical caps washed?

    Cloth surgical caps should be used at high temperatures in accordance with hygiene regulations washed to effectively remove all germs and bacteria.

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