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Shows 1 - 21 from 21 products
CPE-ÜberschuheCPE overshoes
DS Safety CPE overshoes
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PP overshoes (high, extra large) - whitePP overshoes (high, extra large) - white
PP overshoes (high, extra large) - bluePP overshoes (high, extra large) - blue
PP overshoes (high, extra large) - greenPP overshoes (high, extra large) - green
PP overshoes (high, extra large) - redPP overshoes (high, extra large) - red
PP-Überschuhe (niedrig)PP overshoes (low) - white sole
PP-Überschuhe (niedrig, extra groß, blaue Sohle)PP overshoes (low) - blue sole
PP overshoes (low) - green solePP overshoes (low) - green sole
PP-Überschuhe (niedrig, schwere Qualität)PP overshoes (low) - white
PP overshoes (low) - bluePP overshoes (low) - blue
ProSafe® -Überschuhe (ableitfähig)ProSafe® overshoes (dissipative)
ProSafe® 2 overshoes (high)ProSafe® 2 overshoes (high)
ProSafe® 2 overshoes ProSafe® 2 overshoes
DS Safety ProSafe® 2 overshoes
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ProSafe® 2 overshoes (non-slip)ProSafe® 2 overshoes (non-slip)
ProSafe® 2 overshoes (non-slip, high)ProSafe® 2 overshoes (non-slip, high)
ProSafe® XP3000 chemical protective overshoesProSafe® XP3000 chemical protective overshoes
ChemMax 3® shoe covers
LAKELAND ChemMax 3® shoe covers
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Tychem® 6000 F Shoe Cover
DuPont Tychem® 6000 F Shoe Cover
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CleanMax® clean room shoe covers | sterile
CleanMax® clean room shoe covers | not sterile
DS Safety OP-Socks
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Our products are specifically designed for professional use to ensure maximum protection in various work environments.

Our range: summarized

  • CPE and PP overshoes: Our anti-slip disposable overshoes offer increased durability and are ideal for use in demanding work environments.
  • ProSafe® 2 overshoes: These specially designed shoe covers provide extra protection and are anti-static, ideal for sensitive work areas.
  • CleanMax® cleanroom overshoes: Perfect for use in cleanrooms, these waterproof overshoes provide protection from liquids, viruses and other contaminants.
  • ChemMax 3® and Tychem® 6000 F overshoes: Provide excellent protection in hazardous work environments, including those involving chemicals and other hazardous materials.
  • Surgical socks: Our surgical socks are made from a comfortable cotton-polyamide blend and offer comfort and hygiene

Materials and properties

Our overshoes and protective clothing are made from high quality materials that ensure safety and comfort. The CPE and PP overshoes are made from durable plastics that offer slip resistance and durability. The ProSafe® products use microporous film materials that are anti-static and splashproof, while the CleanMax® and ChemMax 3® products offer special coatings for additional protection in cleanrooms and hazardous environments.

areas of application

Our products are suitable for a variety of industries and applications. From medical facilities and clean rooms to manufacturing facilities and laboratories, our overshoes and protective clothing provide reliable protection in any environment. The special properties of our products, such as liquid repellency and infection protection, make them ideal for use in sensitive and dangerous work areas.

Special features

Our products are characterized by their high quality and safety standards. They are CE certified and meet various standards such as EN 13034, EN 14126 and EN 1149-5. The ProSafe® and ChemMax 3® overshoes provide additional protection with anti-static properties and non-slip soles. Our cleanroom overshoes are latex and silicone free and suitable for use in controlled environments.

Color and size options

We offer a wide range of sizes as well as one size fits most adults. Our overshoes are available in white, blue, green and red. Specific information about sizes and colors can be found in the product descriptions. DS SafetyWear stands for quality, safety and reliability. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we offer a wide range of high quality occupational safety products. Our products are CE certified and meet strict safety standards. We offer flexible production options, fast delivery times and comprehensive advice to ensure our customers receive the best protective equipment for their specific needs.


Where can you buy disposable shoe covers?

Our shoe covers and disposable overshoes are available directly from our online shop. We offer a wide range of shoe covers suitable for different needs and work environments. From plastic shoe covers to specialized disposable shoe covers - you'll find what you're looking for at DS SafetyWear.

What are overshoes made of?

Our overshoes are made of different materials depending on the product line. The CPE and PP overshoes are made from durable plastics, while the ProSafe® and ChemMax 3® products offer special coatings and materials for additional protection.

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