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Shows 1 - 14 from 14 products
ProSafe® 2 gown (150 cm)ProSafe® 2 gown (150 cm)
DS Safety ProSafe® 2 gown (150 cm)
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ProSafe® 2 apronProSafe® 2 apron
DS Safety ProSafe® 2 apron
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ProSafe® XP3000 Chemical Protection - Sleeve ApronProSafe® XP3000 Chemical Protection - Sleeve Apron
DS Safety PP-Coat
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DS Safety PP-Coat
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Foil apronFoil apron
DS Safety Foil apron
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CleanMax® cleanroom gown | not sterile
CleanMax® cleanroom gown | sterile

Our product range: variety and Quality

Our product range is carefully selected and developed to to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. Here one Detailed overview of our protective gowns:

ProSafe® 2 work coat (150 cm)

The ProSafe® 2 work coat is a prime example of our dedication to Quality and safety. Made from a high quality, microporous Film material, this gown meets the strict requirements of EN 14126. Its closed front and the practical back tie offer optimal protection, while the cuffs provide additional comfort care for. This gown is available in a universal one size.

ProSafe® 2 work apron

Our ProSafe® 2 laboratory aprons are made from the same high-quality, made of microporous film material and meet the specifications of the CE Cat. III Type PB and 6B. These aprons are ideal for use in laboratories and other environments where a high standard of protection is required is. They come in white and offer one size fits all.

ProSafe® 2 protective gown

The ProSafe® 2 visitor gown is an excellent choice for those who looking for a combination of lightness and protection. This coat is out Made of microporous film material and has flexible arm rubbers as well as two practical side pockets. Available in sizes from M to 3XL, This gown offers an excellent fit.

ProSafe® XP3000 Chemical protection sleeve apron

For more extreme conditions is our ProSafe® XP3000 Chemical protection sleeve apron is the ideal choice. From a Made of polymer-coated material, it offers the highest level of protection the standards EN 14605 and EN 14126, type 3b.

PP visitor coat

Our PP visitor gowns are a cost-effective and effective solution for Areas where lightweight but reliable protection is required. Available in various colors and weights, these gowns offer Flexibility and convenience for different applications.

CleanMax® cleanroom gown

The CleanMax® cleanroom gowns are specifically for use in cleanrooms and controlled environments. They offer excellent protection against liquids and viruses and are available in sterile and non-sterile Variants available.

Areas of application and Possible uses

Protective gowns from DS SafetyWear can be found in a variety of industries Application. From medical facilities, such as hospitals Laboratories to industrial environments – our coats have it covered necessary protection to ensure the safety of employees. She are essential for areas where hygiene and infection protection are important are of utmost importance.

Quality and safety standards

Our protective gowns don't just fulfill the basic requirements safety standards, but often exceed them. With certifications like EN 14126 and EN 14605 we guarantee that our products meet the highest standards meet safety requirements. We rely on ongoing Innovation and strict quality controls to ensure that every The gown that leaves our company meets the highest standards.


What is a protective gown?

A protective gown is a special piece of clothing primarily used in medical and nursing facilities. Its main function is in creating a physical barrier that protects both the wearer and Patients or clients from cross-contamination and contamination protects. Protective gowns are designed to prevent the spread of Minimize microorganisms and other contaminants. They are Available in various materials and designs to offer different levels of protection depending on requirements.

When should a protective gown be worn?

The use of a protective gown is always appropriate when there is an increased risk There is a risk of contamination of work clothing. This is often the case Case in situations where direct contact with patients or clients takes place, especially if they have infectious diseases or are infected with multi-resistant pathogens. In nursing, in medical Examinations or surgical procedures, in laboratories and in This is situations in which infectious materials are worked Wearing a protective gown is essential. The protective gown doesn't just serve the protection of the staff, but also that of the patients and the Maintaining general hygiene standards. For further information, individual advice or orders please contact us. Our experienced team is ready to answer all your questions to answer and find the best solution for your needs.

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