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Shows 1 - 9 from 9 products

Different categories

Disposable protective suit

Disposable clothing from DS SafetyWear offers reliable protection in various professional fields. It is part of personal protective equipment (PPE) and is manufactured according to the specific requirements of the area of ​​use.

Reusable protective suit

Reusable protective suits are designed for repeated use and provide long-term protection in demanding work environments.

Protective suit for toxic, infectious or corrosive substances

Specialized protective suits for handling toxic, infectious or corrosive substances. They meet the highest safety standards and offer comprehensive protection, such as the ChemMax® and Tychem® suits, which offer protection against a wide range of inorganic and organic chemicals and biohazards.

DS SafetyWear features and benefits

Welcome to the world of DS SafetyWear protective suits, where safety meets innovation. Our selection includes not only the innovative own brand ProSafe®, but also other renowned brands, all certified according to the strictest European standards. With us you will find the perfect protective suit that combines safety, comfort and functionality. Let the quality and versatility of our products convince you


The protective suits from DS SafetyWear, like this ChemMax® 1 - Cool Suit®, are designed in such a way that they remain breathable despite their high protective function in order to increase wearing comfort.

wearing comfort

Ergonomically designed for freedom of movement and comfort during extended wear. Materials and cuts are designed for maximum comfort, with features such as padded, double-layer knee pads and flexible elastic straps.

Robust construction

Features such as heat-taped seams, bondable double zipper covers and elasticated arm and leg ends provide additional security and durability.

Comprehensive protection

The suits offer protection against a variety of inorganic and organic chemicals and biological hazards. They are liquid-tight and offer protection against infectious agents and radioactive particles.

High security standards

All suits comply with CE Category III, Type 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B and meet various EN standards, such as EN 14605, EN 13982-1, EN 13034, EN 1149-5, EN 14126 and EN 1073-2, which their Reliability and safety underlined.

Special features

Some models, like the ChemMax® 3 - Cool Suit® , have a separate, breathable back section that allows air to circulate in the suit, improving comfort during prolonged use.


The suits are available in different sizes (S - 4 XL) and colors, making them suitable for a wide range of users and areas of use.

Explanation and list of the different suit types and standards

Type 1

Gas-tight protective suits that provide comprehensive protection in environments where the wearer must be insulated from hazardous gases. These suits are ideal for use in highly hazardous chemical or biological environments.

Type 2

Not gas-tight, but liquid-tight protective suits that offer protection against liquids, sprays and dust. They are suitable for work where complete insulation is not required, but a high level of protection against liquid and particulate hazardous substances is necessary.

Type 3

Liquid-tight protective suits ideal for handling liquid hazardous substances, such as the ChemMax® 1, which complies with EN 14605-Type 3.

Type 4

Spray-tight protective suits suitable for work environments with chemical spray, such as ProSafe® XP3000, meets EN 14605 type 4.

Type 5

Particle-tight protective suits designed to protect against solid particles such as dust and asbestos, such as the Tychem® - F, which complies with EN 13982-1.

Type 6

Limited spray tight protective suits, providing protection in light spray environments, such as the ChemMax® 3 - Cool Suit®, which meets EN 13034.


Which protective suit is right for you?

If you come into regular contact with chemical or biological hazardous substances, a high-quality protective suit is essential. The type of hazardous substances as well as the degree and duration of exposure are crucial for the selection. In addition to choosing the right type of protective suit, correct handling, especially when putting it on and taking it off, is also very important. DS SafetyWear offers you comprehensive information and advice to find the optimal disposable coverall for your specific needs.

What protective suits are there?

DS SafetyWear offers a wide range of protective suits that cover different levels of protection (Type 3 - Type 6).
  • Type 1 (EN 943-1): Gas-tight
  • Type 2 (EN 943-1): Protection against liquids, spray and dust
  • Type 3 (EN 14605): Protection against liquid chemicals
  • Type 4 (EN 14605): Spray tight
  • Type 5 (EN 13982-1): Particle-tight against solid particles
  • Type 6 (EN 13034): Limited spray tight, protection against light spray mist
  • We also offer disposable and reusable versions as well as specialized suits for handling toxic, infectious or corrosive substances.

    Which protective suit for glass wool?

    For working with glass wool, we recommend our type 5/6 protective suits, such as the Tychem® - C. These are particle-tight and limited spray-tight, ideal for handling asbestos, glass wool or cement as well as in wood and metal processing where dust, abrasion and Particles occur frequently.

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