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Shows 1 - 9 from 9 products
ProSafe® 2 disposable arm warmers - 45cmProSafe® 2 disposable arm warmers - 45cm
ProSafe® 2 disposable arm warmers - 58cmProSafe® 2 disposable arm warmers - 58cm
ProSafe® XP3000 SleevesProSafe® XP3000 Sleeves
DS Safety ProSafe® XP3000 Sleeves
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Disposable sleeves made of PP - whiteDisposable sleeves made of PP - white
Disposable sleeves made of PP -blueDisposable sleeves made of PP -blue
Disposable sleeves made of PE film - whiteDisposable sleeves made of PE film - white
Disposable sleeves made of PE film - blueDisposable sleeves made of PE film - blue
CleanMax® Cleanroom Sleeves | not sterile
CleanMax® Cleanroom sleeves | sterile

Advantages of arm warmers

  • Reliable protection:
    The disposable arm warmers offer effective protection in everyday work, ideal for nursing activities and other sensitive areas.
  • High standards:
    Manufactured according to the most modern standards and in accordance with the relevant EN standards.
  • Different protection classes:
    Divided into CE categories I, II and III to meet different protection needs.


  • ProSafe® disposable arm sleeves:
    These are certified according to Regulation (EU) 2016/415 of the European Union, CE KAT III Type 6B, which represents the highest protection class for partial body protection.
  • Universal fit:
    The arm warmers are designed to provide a universal fit to cover a wide range of users.

Areas of application

The disposable arm sleeves are suitable for various work environments where reliable protection is required. They are suitable for use in clean rooms, medical facilities, food processing and other areas where hygiene and protection against contamination are crucial.

Product Information

  • Materials:
    We offer arm sleeves made from various materials such as polypropylene, microporous film laminate and polymer coated material. These materials are carefully selected to ensure optimal protection and comfort.
  • particularities:
    Some of our arm warmers are equipped with features such as elastic on both sides, taped seams and anti-static properties. This increases the functionality and safety of the products.
  • Certifications:
    Our products comply with various CE categories and meet the requirements of the relevant EN standards. This ensures that they meet the highest safety standards.
  • Sizes and color variants:
    The arm warmers are available in various sizes and color variations to meet a wide range of requirements and preferences.

At DS SafetyWear, we offer high-quality occupational safety products and reliable disposable clothing in a professional work environment. We specialize in protective clothing with a limited wear period and offer a wide range of disposable clothing, high delivery capability, flexible production and fast delivery.


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