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Shows 1 - 3 from 3 products
ProSafe® 2 PantsProSafe® 2 Pants
DS Safety ProSafe® 2 Pants
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ChemMax 2 PantsChemMax 2 Pants
Lakeland ChemMax 2 Pants
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ChemMax 2 chemical protection trousers Size: XL, Color: White, Quantity: 25 pieces Price: €186.00 Description: Polymer-coated chemical protection trousers with elastic band in the federal government, CE Cat. III Type 3B PP briefs Size: S-L, Color: White, Quantity: 50 pieces Description: Made of polypropylene, with elastic waist, no pockets, approx. 30 gr/sqm, CE Cat. I ProSafe® 2 disposable trousers Size: M-XXL, Color: White, Quantity: 50 pieces Description: Microporous film laminate, waist elastic, antistatic, CE cat. III type PB 6B

areas of application

Medical section: For staff and visitors to reduce the risk of infection. Production areas: In the food industry, gastronomy and others Production environments to protect against particles and contaminants. Special missions: Ideal for professions such as painters, hazardous waste disposal workers, and in laboratories to protect both the person and the environment from contamination.

Security classes

  • Security class CAT1: This category offers protection against low levels Risks such as weather influences, dust and light dirt. Ideal for general work environments where basic protection is required is required.
  • Safety class CAT2: Pants in this class offer a medium level Protection. They are heat-resistant and extremely tear-resistant, suitable for Work environments where a higher level of protection is required as in some production areas.
  • Security class CAT3: This is the highest security class Provides protection from life-threatening substances. This includes dangerous chemicals and various acids. This category is essential for work areas where highly dangerous substances are involved is dealt with, such as: B. in chemical laboratories or at the Disposal of hazardous substances.
  • FAQ

    Are the disposable pants reusable?

    No, our disposable pants are designed for single use to ensure maximum hygiene and safety.

    Do you also offer size adjustments?

    Our disposable pants are available in different sizes Elastics for a flexible fit. Offer special sizing adjustments we currently do not.

    How do I dispose of the disposable trousers?

    Disposal should be in accordance with local regulations for protective clothing especially after high-risk work. For further questions we are happy to help you

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