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Shows 1 - 8 from 8 products
DS Safety Cooling vest
Special Price179,40 EUR
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Safety Goggles
DS Safety Safety Goggles
Special Price118,00 EUR
Wheel CoverWheel Cover
DS Safety Wheel Cover
Special Price57,60 EUR
Paint Gun CoverPaint Gun Cover
DS Safety Paint Gun Cover
Special Price180,00 EUR
Glove adapter system with clip closure
Kappler Glove adapter system with clip closure
Special Price19,33 EUR
Tapered glove adapters
Kappler Tapered glove adapters
Special Price4,20 EUR
Chem-Tape special adhesive tape
Kappler Chem-Tape special adhesive tape
Special Price880,56 EUR
Seat cover
DS Safety Seat cover
Special Price204,00 EUR

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ProSafe® - A trademark of DS SafetyWear GmbH

With our exclusive own brand ProSafe® we offer our partners high quality at a fair price. Already during the development of the products, we consider scalable production and consistent standards. ProSafe® is an exclusive brand of DS SafetyWear GmbH.

Four production sites

With four different production facilities, we ensure an adequate supply of ProSafe® brand products. It is manufactured according to European standards and corresponds to all current regulations and standards. Nevertheless, the production processes always remain flexible and scalable. 

Certified in Europe

Since our network extends across the entire European Union, we ensure that ProSafe® products are reliably certified. The private label range therefore includes protective clothing from various PPE categories that correspond to different DIN/CE standards.

Product range

With ProSafe® we offer a wide range of disposable and protective clothing. The portfolio includes, for example, protective overalls, disposable gowns, disposable arm warmers and products for hand protection. ESD protective clothing from SafeGuard and KIWO® disinfectants are also among our products.

When putting together, we pay attention to the highest quality and fast delivery.