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Shows 25 - 41 from 41 products
ProSafe® FRXT OverallProSafe® FRXT Overall
DS Safety ProSafe® FRXT Overall
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Pyrolon® XT OverallPyrolon® XT Overall
Lakeland Pyrolon® XT Overall
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Pyrolon® CRFR OverallPyrolon® CRFR Overall
Lakeland Pyrolon® CRFR Overall
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Pyrolon® CRFR OverallPyrolon® CRFR Overall
Lakeland Pyrolon® CRFR Overall
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ProChem® I A B E F1- Overall
3S ProChem® I A B E F1- Overall
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At DS SafetyWear GmbH we understand that safety and comfort must go hand in hand. Our disposable overalls, a core part of our innovative own brand ProSafe®, not only offer protection in various work environments, but also unsurpassed comfort.

Possible uses of our disposable suits

  • PP disposable coveralls:
    Suitable for general protection requirements in various work environments, including industrial and hygiene areas.
  • ProClean® disposable overalls:
    Ideal for demanding working days with the need for anti-static clothing and increased protection in high-traffic areas.
  • CleanMax® cleanroom protective overalls:
    Designed for use in cleanrooms and controlled environments, resistant to liquids, viruses and blood-borne pathogens.
  • PP disposable overalls with thigh pockets:
    Provides additional storage space suitable for specific work environments that require additional pockets.

Features and material properties

Our disposable suits offer various features and are made from high quality materials such as polypropylene and spunbond:

  • Different weight classes (28gr/sqm to 70gr/sqm) for different protection needs.
  • Options with and without hood.
  • Arm, leg and waist elastics for better fit.
  • Zipper cover for extra protection.
  • Breathable materials, ideal for long periods of wear.
  • CE certification (Category I and III) for guaranteed safety.
  • ProClean®: Breathable material with reinforcements in stressed areas.
  • CleanMax®: Liquid-repellent, resistant to the penetration of blood, body fluids, viruses and blood-borne pathogens.

Your advantages with DS SafetyWear

  • Wide range of overalls to suit different requirements and work environments, including protective clothing and workwear.
  • Specific designs for comfort and functionality, including options for particle-proof and splash-proof protection.
  • High safety standards with CE certification.
  • Options for specialized applications such as cleanroom environments.
  • Quality and innovation through our own brand ProSafe®.
  • Individual solutions and fast, flexible delivery

What should you pay attention to when buying a disposable overall?

When purchasing a disposable coverall, there are several factors to consider to ensure you receive the optimal protection and comfort for your specific needs:

  • Protection class and certification.
  • Material and breathability.
  • Fit and size, including length of sleeves and trouser legs.
  • Specific requirements depending on the area of application.
  • Additional features such as hoods, pockets and elastic.
  • Sustainability and disposal.

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