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Authorised officer: Dennis Alexandrakis
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Notice of liability:
Though careful control of the contents we do not sign any liability for the contents of any links. For the contents of any linked websites the owner of those relevant websites are resonsible by themselves.
Please take note that you are resonsible to arrange sufficent evaluation of the working environment before the selection of any Personal Protective Equipment(PPE). The information of this catalogue / website shall give you appropriate support for the correct selection of PPE, the responsibility of selecting and use of the correct and suitable PPE however is at the user only. We do not sign liability for any printing mistakes or mistakes in the presentation of this website. Products and designs are valid subject to reconfirmation only. Models or specifications are subject to modify.
Data Privacy:
We, DS SafetyWear, seriously care for the protection of any personal data and strictly follow the rules of the data-protective laws and regulations. Personal Data will only be collected based on technical nessecity on this website and neither sold nor handed over to any third party.
Data processing on this internet page:
DS SafetyWear Arbeitsschutzprodukte GmbH collects and saves automatically Log Files information on its server, that your Browser transfers to us. These are: Browsertype/ -version, used operating system, Referrer URL (previously visited website), Hostname of accessing system (IP Adresse), time of server request. Those data are not allocatable to any persons for DS SafetyWear Arbeitsschutzprodukte GmbH. A combination of those data with other sources will not be effected. The data will be deleted after any statistical analysis.
Protection of your personal datas:
DS SafetyWear Arbeitsschutzprodukte GmbH protects your personal data of any unauthorised access, usage or publishing. DS SafetyWear Arbeitsschutzprodukte GmbH will take care to have those personal information, that you save on your server, secured and protected against any access or publishing. Any safety-relevant data like number of credit cards, to be transmitted to DS SafetyWear, will be scrambled and protected by "Secure Socket Layer (SSL)" . Please note, that personal information to be published by yourself in accessable areas might be misused by other users.
Transmission of data:
DS SafetyWear Arbeitsschutzprodukte GmbH does not transmit your personal-related data to any third party unless being used for the procedure of any business purposes. The so transferred data are reduced to the absolute nessecary minimum. In case DS SafetyWear Arbeitsschutzprodukte GmbH is obliged by law or arbitration we only transfer information to any authorised state-owned institutions or authorities.
Change of data regulation:
DS SafetyWear Arbeitsschutzprodukte GmbH reserves the right to modify the above mentioned security and data-protective regulations, so far nessecary based on the technical development. In this case we also will adjust the guidelines of the data protection accordingly. Therefore please take note of our actual data protective declaration.