The combination of features in the Lakeland Super-B style results in an even better fitting, more comfortable and durable garment with better protection than ever!

❶ Three-Piece Hood

  • 3D shape
  • More rounded and fits the head better
  • Moving freely with wearer movement
  • More comfortable and durable garment

❷ Updated neck and zip design!

  • Higher neck
  • Zip and zip-flap
  • Better protection at the neck

❸ Inset Sleeves

  • Greater freedom of movement, less stress on seams - especially at the crotch
  • Less pulling back of sleeves during use, so ChemMax® garments need no thumb loops which can catch on machinery and be a hazard

❹ Chest Label

  • Lakeland chest labels feature all CE labelling requirements
  • Users and manager’s can easily see wearers have the correctly certified

❺ Push-Lock® Glove Option

  • Combine ChemMax® with Lakeland’s unique Push- Lock® Glove Connection System
  • Leak-proof, Type 3 approved glove connection for ChemMax® Coveralls

❻ Double Zip with coverage

  • Lakeland’s multi-layer double-zip and flap results in more secure protection at the front fastening - the most critical area of the garment

❼ Cushioned Knee-pads

  • ChemMax® 1, 2 and 3 features large padded knee-pads
  • A double fabric layer with cushioning material between means increased comfort and safety
  • when kneeling on rough surfaces.

❽ Diamond Crotch Gusset

  • The crotch features a diamond shaped 2-piece gusset which creates a better fitting shape
  • Greater freedom of movement
  • Taking stress away from the critical crotch area
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